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Hanoi is a romantic, nostalgic capital city with many a tale to tell and like all of the world’s great capital cities offers visitors many a thing to do. Unfortunately, not enough people get to experience Hanoi’s cheeky streak and that is what makes Tan and Brett’s – Hanoi Beer and Beer tour so unique. We love Hanoi’s beer culture and we know the best spot’s to go for an ale, a laugh and a good yarn and this is why we know our tour to be the best experience for those who love a great time!

As individuals who love beer, food and Vietnam our focus is on providing a tour that will have all our guests wishing that it would never end and wanting more!  More beer, more food and more of a smashing good time!

Tan and Brett absolutely provide the number one beer and street food tour in all of Hanoi!  Come join us and let us show you why!


What could be better than cruising around Hanoi on the back of bikes, seeing the sites (and not just the one’s in the guide books), drinking the beer and eating some of the tastiest of tasty street food? Not much really!

Someone recently labelled Tan and Brett as the ‘Hanoi Beer Hounds and Street Snacker’s’ and for that we are most grateful!


So come Join Us if you are a lover of beer and want to discover some of the best local breweries and beer joints with the most amazing beers. Join us to experience the very best of Hanoi, its smashing street cuisine and its wonderful people. Join us to ‘hit’ the streets with the wind in your face and the smell of malt, hops and the most delightful foods in your snoz. Join us if you are someone who appreciates great beer, real food, real history and real people. And finally, Join us to be assured of having a ‘slam dunk’ of a good time from start to the very last drop – you won’t be disappointed.


You won’t find what we do and some of the places we visit in guide book’s because we are unique.  We are different and proud of it.  Vietnam is the leading beer consumer in South East Asia and Hanoi has some of the best brews around!  Our job is to show you where they are and introduce you to a tour experience like no other.  Check us out and book now to see why our reputation continues to grow!

Why choose us




When Brett first travelled to Vietnam in 2004 he was determined to try all the local beer. The thing that he noticed on his quest was that many regional areas seemed to have a beer named after it (Bia Hanoi, Bia Saigon, Bia Hai Phong and so on) and that bia hoi was as synonymous with Hanoi as eating a meat pie was in Australia. And it was on this early quest that Brett’s love with Vietnamese beer and the ‘beer food’ that went with it was formed and his never ending quest for good beer and breweries has been marching on ever since.

Over the last decade Vietnamese beer culture has morphed somewhat and the most wonderful microbreweries and beer hall’s have started to spring up all over the country and in particular in Hanoi. The downside is that they do not tend to be marketed very well and very few tourists or even expats know that they exist. This is where Tan and Brett have innovated and solved the problem and the result – Tan and Brett’s ‘beer and beer’ tour!

Come join our ‘beer and beer’ tour if you are a beer lover and want to be excited! Come join our ‘beer and beer’ tour if you would like to be driven all around Hanoi (and not just in the Old Quarter) on an exhilarating quest to sample some of the tastiest beers in all of Vietnam – cold, fresh, tasty brews that are all brewed in Vietnam. Come join our ‘beer and beer tour’ if you would like to sample some of the tastiest local foods that are just the perfect accompaniment to the amber liquid. Come join our beer and beer tour if you love a great yarn and want to be whisked away on a tour that you won’t find in any guide book (and not just in the Old Quarter). But most importantly come join our ‘beer and beer’ tour if you want to have some good old fashioned fun. You won’t be disappointed.


Both Tan and Brett love to drink a lot of good beer, eat and love a top story and as such joined a heap of ‘food’ tours over time.  The problem was, that although there were many ‘street food tours’ operating in Hanoi, a great deal were substandard when it came to food quality and many others simply had no idea what they were talking about. And knowledge of great beer drinking locations (outside of bia hoi corner)…….forget about it!

The Result – Tan and Brett’s Beer and Beer Tour!

Real Beer, Real Food, Real People….Real Good!


Tan is a 100% born and bred Hanoian who has lived in Vietnam all his life.  Tan loves a beer and loves a good time.  More importantly he loves Hanoi and is the pre-eminent story-teller in the whole city.  Our guests love Tan, love his humour and love his unique tales. When people talk about loving Hanoi and in particular its people – Tan is the reason why.  Oh, and did we mention that he loves a cold beer?


Brett is a dinky di Aussie who has a passion for beer, travel and Vietnam. Brett has been travelling to Vietnam each year since 2004 and it was on this first trip to Vietnam that he met Tan (over an obscene amount of beer) and their friendship which started that day continues today.  Brett is a beer loving expert when it comes to beer in Vietnam but not an elitist beer snob douche.  He loves his guests having a ball and loves sharing the experience with them – after all who wouldn’t want to ride around Hanoi each day drinking beer and eating awesome food?


“Street Snacking” is what we specialise in. Check out some of the dishes that are sure to tantalise your tastebuds on our tour.

Pho Cuon

Don’t confuse Pho Cuon with Banh Cuon because in our opinion it is much better!  A true Hanoi speciality and one that does not get the attention it deserves.

Bach Tuoc Nuong

Marinated octopus in a mixture of cashew oil, pineapple, chillies, sesame, garlic, ginger, salt, black pepper, citron and saffron this wonderful seafood is then cooked over a super-hot charcoal stove and served super tender.

Nem Cua Be

Plump deep fried rectangular packages stuffed with chopped crab, glass noodles, ear mushrooms and steamed bean sprouts. The nem are eaten with a bowl of steamed rice vermicelli, a heaping pile of fresh herbs (a flourish that sets northern Vietnamese food apart in countless dishes) and a dip consisting of fish sauce, pickled cucumbers, chopped garlic and red chillies.

Gio Lua

Lean pork, garlic, ground black pepper and nước mắm (fish sauce).  Tightly wrapped in a banana leaf before being boiled.  The greatest beer drinking snack probably ever!


What’s something unique that we’ll get to see on your tours?

In a word… everything! Hanoi is the cultural and conceptual heart of Vietnam with no shortage of lakes and ponds, wide boulevards, graceful villas and the most wonderful beer and Vietnamese cuisine! With Tan and Brett’s Beer and Beer Tour you will get to experience it all while at the same time wandering off the beaten path and among the alleys to see what locals really like in beer, food, architecture, culture and daily life. All this whilst listening to stories of Vietnam’s extraordinary past.

What if I’m gluten-free, can I still attend your tour?

Absolutely, we can definitely accommodate you. Just simply let us know when you’re booking if you’re gluten-free (or if you have any other dietary requirements) and we’ll look after you.

What about group discounts? Or can you do private tours?

Yes, and yes! We offer group discounts for groups of 5 or more – just contact us and we’ll give you a quote. We can also do private tours, again by prior arrangement. We can also do private tours for large groups too.

How long does your tour go for?

Our tour generally lasts for 5 hours (though sometimes we’ve had people love it so much they just don’t want to go home!), it starts at at 4:00 p.m. and finish around 9:00 p.m.

Is this tour just for blokes?

Absolutely no. Both men and women love our tour because it’s fun and all get to let their hair down and simply enjoy!

Where’s your meeting point for the tour?

Right in front of St Joseph’s Cathedral, the most well-known church in Hanoi’s Old Quarter.  Situated on Nha Tho Street in the Hoàn Kiếm District of Hanoi.  Once we collect you we will set off on what many people have called ‘the best fun of our trip’

What an awesome tour!
My group did this on our last night in Hanoi and Vietnam, and what a way to end the trip! Being on the back of the bikes and driving around the main streets and back streets of Hanoi is an exhilarating adventure and makes you feel a part of the people and culture. Brett and Tan are so much fun, educating you on all different types of beer and food, and also history too. The tour is a great laugh, safe and and my group could not wipe the smiles of our faces! I totally recommend this tour to anyone!!! I'd do it again in a heartbeat. Thanks Brett and Tan!!
Vanessa Jeanne
Amazing time!
We have been in Hanoi for almost a week and on this tour we went to all new places and tried so many new beers. Learned a lot about the beer culture and history from Tram and Brett! Would most definitely recommend! Loved it!!
Sean & Sarah
Thanks Tan and Brett for an incredible Beer Tour around Hanoi
As a group of Hanoi residents we loved experiencing the city in a completely new way and learning about Hanoi's unique beer culture . Brilliantly organised, great food, wonderful drivers and guides. Will definitely be doing this tour again.
Jo Batten
I did this tour last night and it was quite simply the best fun I had while in Hanoi. Cruising all around the city and to its outskirts, drinking a vast selection of brilliant beers, eating great food and listening to the most memorable stories. The girls who were riding the bikes were so friendly and joined us the whole way. Both Tan and Brett were top blokes and their banter was hilarious. If you want genuine fun and a great time this is it!
Eddie McDonald
We've travelled the world over the year's and this would be one of the most exciting nights I've experienced overseas!
Dianne and Graeme Wright
New Zealand
Spent a bit of time in Hanoi and I can honestly say that the Hanoi beer tour has been one of the best nights we have had here. Great local beer and street food that you would be hard pressed to find without Brett and Tan. Felt like we were part of the family with the crew here. Highly recommend!
David Abi-Arrage


Note: we do not muck around with 10 different options trying to confuse the issue. We have one tour, it’s awesome and you’ll have a ball.


$80/ person

  • Pick up from St Joseph’s Cathedral
  • English speaking tour guide, motorbike.
  • Being driven by experienced local riders throughout Hanoi and not just on the usual well trodden tourist trail.
  • Enjoy 9 unique Vietnamese beers
  • Eat some of the tastiest Vietnamese beer food (‘nhau’) going.  And no we are not talking peanuts or wasabi peas!
  • Learn about Vietnamese beer culture, brewing art and the life of Vietnamese people through the most unique and interesting stories as told by our guide.
  • High quality open faced helmet and rain poncho (if required)
  • Up to 12 people